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🐑 Besides the fact that we love @stansbo products, we also adore their story. 

What originally started out as an idea to keep a rare sheep from extinction and a farm operating profitably, Cheryl and Barry Eldridge of Stansborough have grown their family business that begins out in the paddock and ends in high end fashion outlets and increasingly on blockbuster cinema screens (including Lord of the Rings!). 

Sustainable, traceable, chemical free and 100% pure NZ, Muffet will tell you even more about this lovely product and the story behind it!

You might ask, what can I use Ginger Syrup for. Well @frostbitesfun has lots of great ideas for you!

You can mix their ginger syrup with sparkling water for a slightly sweeter take on a ginger beer, or with hot water for a warming, spiced tea (a splash of bourbon makes a great toddy on cloudy days). 

You can also try making a Moscow Mules, a Dark and Stormy or a Presbyterian. 

Try ginger syrup as a playful addition to your culinary arsenal, for livening up salad dressings and sauces.

💫 Can you think of other uses?

Come see all of the Frostbites products that we carry here at Muffet & Louisa and in @hansellandhalkett.

🌷 We absolutely love every single aspect of this gorgeous throw. It is called “Spring Tulip Buttermilk” and is designed by the brilliant Trish Guild of @designersguild.

It is made of a heavy linen but you really need to come in and visit Muffet to truly appreciate how truly spectacular it is.

The throw is 50” wide by 70” long.

And while we thought we could get the matching cushions, Designers Guild is no longer carrying the Spring Tulip Buttermilk, so we can’t order them. So sorry to disappoint!

This is one of our favourite spots in the store! Beautiful linens, pillows, and more. ❤️

Cup of ☕️ and a good 📕 and we bet you could stay in this bed all morning (or maybe the day!).

Are you entertaining this weekend? Or just love the idea of having beautiful napkins at every meal? 🌱

The elegant Hemstitch Collection is perfect for you!

An intricate row of hemstitching embellishes each napkin, allowing for an aesthetic yet simple feature.

We carry many @caravanhome hemstitched napkins, including Dijon, ivory, and kiwi shades.

Stop by to see their elegance in person or order through our online shop. Link in bio.